Wednesday, May 31

Lukoil discusses the possibility of implementing new projects in the Congo

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Lukoil’s intentions to enter the oil and gas projects of the Republic of the Congo as an operator were announced on Friday by Ivan Romanovsky, the company’s vice president for America, Africa and the Middle East. Prior to that, the representative of the corporation managed to discuss plans with the Minister of Hydrocarbons for the Republic of the Congo, Bruno Jean-Richard Itua, reports TASS.

“However, Lukoil is focused on development in the Republic of the Congo. First, we are interested in projects where Lukoil could act as an operator. Today we discussed a number of such opportunities,” Romanovsky said.

In addition, the Vice President also expressed the hope that the Congolese authorities will support Lukoil in entering into new projects.

Now, the Russian oil company is one of the participants in the development of Marine XII. The operator of this project is the Italian Eni with a 65% share. Initially, 25% of Lukoil belonged to the British New Age M12 Holdings Limited, but in 2019, the Russian company bought the rights to participate from it.

The material was collected and processed by Sofia Chernopyatova.


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