Wednesday, May 31

Amendments have been made to the passenger customs declaration for express cargo

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The Board of the Eurasian Economic Commission approved amendments aimed at improving the procedure for filling out a customs document when declaring goods for personal use delivered as express cargo to individuals.

The approved amendments provide for the addition of the passenger customs declaration form for express cargo with a new column and the procedure for filling it out. The new column will contain information about the actual location of the goods.

“The changes are aimed at the possibility of determining the location of goods for the effective implementation of remote release technology,” said the EEC Minister for Customs Cooperation Eldar Alisherov. “All this together will optimize the procedure for processing this category of cargo and reduce business costs.”

The project is a logical continuation of the comprehensive work carried out by the customs unit of the Commission to improve the customs administration of express cargo and the formation of a modern legal framework on this issue.

Source: EEC website


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