Wednesday, May 31

Foreign Ministry: BRICS countries have a great interest in cooperation with Russia in the Arctic

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Russia is seeing interest from a large number of states, including the BRICS countries (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa), in cooperating with it in the Arctic region. This was stated at a press conference by the Ambassador-at-Large of the Russian Foreign Ministry, Chairman of the Committee of Senior Officials of the Arctic Council Nikolai Korchunov. “We see great interest in cooperation with Russia in the Arctic from various countries, including the BRICS member countries,” he said.

As Korchunov stressed, Moscow considers it important to develop “cooperation in high latitudes with foreign states in the conditions of the predicted weakening of the mechanisms of multilateral Arctic cooperation, including the Arctic Council,” TASS reports.

The press conference is dedicated to the scientific and practical conference on climate change and permafrost melting, which will be held in Yakutsk from March 22 to 24 in accordance with the plan of the Russian Federation’s chairmanship in the Arctic Council in 2021-2023.

Source: BRICS website


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