Friday, September 22

A low–power nuclear power plant in Kyrgyzstan – what Rosatom can build

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The agreement concluded between Kyrgyzstan and Rosatom on the construction of a low-power nuclear power plant in the Kyrgyz Republic involves the construction, in fact, of a typical modular facility. tells about how it can look like.

The correspondent of the publication visited nuclear power facilities in Russia, where Rosatom applies technologies and solutions that are very likely to be used at a promising small nuclear power plant in Kyrgyzstan.

We are talking about the construction of one or more low-power nuclear power plants (ASMM) with one or two RITM-200H nuclear installations of 55 megawatts at each station, the publication reports.

Similar low-power nuclear power plants are already in use or under construction in Russia. For example, this solution has been applied at a Floating nuclear power plant in the Russian Pevek, and will also be used at a small nuclear power plant under construction in Ust-Yansky Ulus of Yakutia. The station is promised to be built in seven to eight years, it will provide electricity to one of the largest gold deposits in Russia, Kuchus.

It is planned to install one RITM-200H reactor at the ASMM in Yakutia. But local authorities are already thinking about doubling the capacity. The project of a small nuclear power plant “Rosatom” allows it — because it is modular.

Recall that in 2022, the Ministry of Energy of Kyrgyzstan signed a memorandum with Rosatom on the development of cooperation on the construction of a low-power nuclear power plant based on the RITM-200N reactor plant in Kyrgyzstan.


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