Friday, September 22

Mobile phones of Russians will be connected to satellites until 2035

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Russia plans to launch special communications satellites into near-Earth orbit that will provide Russian mobile phone users with Internet in places where there is no network, for example, in the Far North, according to the draft strategy for the development of the telecom industry of the Russian Federation for 2024-2035.

The document notes that by 2035, a hybrid communication system will be created on the basis of this Russian grouping of low-orbit satellites, which will cover the entire territory of the country with the Internet.

When the project is implemented, Russians will be able to call and use the Internet from mobile devices everywhere, even in the Arctic and on the Northern Sea Route, Izvestia reports.

Earlier, the American company SpaceX launched a Falcon 9 launch vehicle with a grouping of 21 microsatellites of the new generation of the Starlink network. The project, implemented since February 2018 by American inventor Elon Musk, involves providing high-speed Internet access anywhere in the World.


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