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Gomel Medical University (Belarus) has implemented an innovative software package developed in the Hi-Tech Park

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A new educational project with the support of IT specialists from a resident of the Hi-Tech Park has been launched at Gomel State Medical University, BelTA has learned.

In the 2023/2024 academic year, the university took another step in the development and implementation of modern trends in medical education. The Belarusian 3D MeD software package was introduced into the educational process on the basis of the University’s training center for practical training and simulation training. We are talking about the development of IT specialists of the resident of the Belarusian Hi-Tech Park LLC “KometaRad” to create a three-dimensional reconstruction, transfer and storage of medical diagnostic images.

The company provided the university with its own development free of charge. Now students and teachers of the university will be able to view diagnostic images of CT, MRI, ultrasound studies on tablet devices, computers or multiboards. This project will strengthen the practice-oriented component in the training of doctors in the specialty “medical diagnostic business”, and will also be an excellent practical addition to the advanced training program in X-ray computed tomography, will help to deepen the diagnostic knowledge of representatives of the clinical base.

The development of Belarusian IT specialists will allow us to reach a qualitatively new level of work with diagnostic images, which is important for making an accurate diagnosis.

“One of the key advantages is the three-dimensional reconstruction of any body system. It can be the bone system or lungs, etc. We hope that university students will gain experience in using an advanced product not only at the university, but will also be able to use it at their workplaces,” explained the founder and director of the company Dmitry Kubas.

According to Viktor Melnik, Vice-rector for Academic Affairs of GomSMU, cooperation with the company began in the summer. It was possible to implement the software product at the university in a short time.

“This is a good help for teaching our students, medical and diagnostic profile in the first place. In addition, it can also be used by doctors of various specialties, both surgical and therapeutic. This is a convenient program that allows doctors to remotely view files and get acquainted with the results of CT, MRI or ultrasound. The functionality also provides additional elements of training for students. For example, the program makes it possible to repeat the anatomical structure of organs or systems and correlate this model with the parameters of a specific study. This will allow you to orient yourself even better,” he listed the advantages of the software product.

According to Viktor Melnik, the new project is another step towards modern youth. “After all, the life of our students today is impossible to imagine without mobile devices and computer technologies, so we meet them halfway by offering clear and accessible learning tools. The application works both on a multimedia board and on computers, tablets. This is a completely finished product that is embedded in the learning process. And our graduates will start practical work even more prepared, with knowledge of how to use the latest innovative equipment for diagnosis,” he said.

Vice-Rector for Medical Work Vladimir Pokhodai stressed that, in addition to helping practice-oriented training of students and the development of the medical education system in the country, this software package is also a plus for specialists.

“The bulk of teachers at clinical departments are practicing surgeons, neurologists, urologists, etc. And now every teacher can come and use the program in their practice when planning operations. The advantage of this software is that it allows us to update the interaction with other clinical institutions and bases of Gomel. In particular, we are interested in unusual clinical cases from practice. Of course, medical histories are depersonalized for the educational process,” he explained.

This product will be useful for both novice specialists (because problem areas are easier to visualize) and experienced general practitioners. When conducting, for example, screenings, it is necessary to process large amounts of information. When building a three-dimensional model, it will be easier and faster for even an experienced specialist to localize the problem point. This will contribute to an even better medical process, the university is confident.

The joint project provides not only for the further distribution of the product, but also for the development of its functional part. “This functionality in miniature within a specific medical institution can work perfectly. A doctor can receive and study digital images directly from his workplace on a standard computer. The profile of a doctor can be absolutely anything: it is a surgeon in preparation for surgery, and an orthopedic traumatologist in assessing the dynamics of the patient’s condition – the scope of application is very wide,” the founder and director of the company Dmitry Kundas summed up, adding that a contract for the provision of this product with the Belarusian State Medical University was recently signed.

Today, Gomel Medical University hosts a workshop with the participation of company representatives for employees of the university clinic. In the summer, teachers received such training, and now the program is included in the educational process.


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