Sunday, December 3

About the decision of the Finnish authorities to close a number of checkpoints on the border with Russia

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On November 20, the Russian Foreign Ministry held a conversation with the Ambassador of Finland to Russia A. Helanterey.

The Russian side protested in connection with the closure by the Finnish authorities of the most actively used checkpoints on the Russian-Finnish state border. The decision taken by Finland under the pretext of the situation with migrants crossing the border to seek asylum in this country and the allegedly deliberate actions of Russia to organize such flows is unequivocally provocative and clearly goes in line with attempts to further aggravate our relations. The closure of checkpoints violates the rights and interests of tens of thousands of citizens of our countries. The decision was made hastily, without any consultations with the Russian side, which had previously been an integral part of cooperation in ensuring the effective functioning of the joint border.

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