Friday, March 1

An agro-tourism complex with the participation of Russian investors has opened in Uzbekistan

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An agrologistic complex was opened in the Uzbek city of Jizzakh with the support of the Ministry of Economic Development of Russia. The capacity of the Russian-Uzbek enterprise will be about 240 thousand tons of agricultural products per year.

The complex will provide companies of the two countries with services for sorting, processing, storage, sanitary and customs clearance, preparation for transportation and logistics of fruit and vegetable products.

“The turnover of agricultural products between Russia and Uzbekistan currently amounts to about 1 million tons per year,” Dmitry Volvach, Deputy Minister of Economic Development of Russia, cited the data. “The capacities of the new enterprise will allow entrepreneurs of the two countries to optimize trade and logistics routes and reduce transport costs for cross–border movement of agricultural products.”

The launch of such an important agro–industrial facility, according to the deputy minister, is the result of well-coordinated joint work of the Russian and Uzbek sides. This is another consistent step towards expanding bilateral trade and economic cooperation.

It is expected that the agrologistic complex will become part of the Agroexpress project, a specialized service for the delivery of agricultural products using accelerated rail transportation.

“At the moment, we have managed to implement about 62% of the activities planned for 2023, which are necessary for the launch of Agroexpress. We expect that the first train with products will depart in 2024,” Dmitry Volvach stressed. “In order to reduce the cost and increase the convenience of transporting goods within the framework of Agroexpress, it is important to establish the organization of direct railway communication between Uzbekistan and the agro–logistics complex.”

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