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Under the chairmanship of Kazakhstan, the SCO member states jointly promote the priorities of regional cooperation

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Beijing, November 28 – December 1, 2023 – A meeting of the Council of National Coordinators of the member States of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization was held under the chairmanship of Kazakhstan.

During the event, the participants considered Kazakhstan’s proposals for further strengthening and development of the Organization, as well as filling cooperation with practical measures.

The main attention was paid to the substantive preparation of the upcoming meetings of the SCO’s main bodies in Kazakhstan – the Council of Heads of State, the Council of Foreign Ministers, as well as the Meeting of the Secretaries of the Security Councils.

The draft documents planned for signing at the SCO Summit in Astana in 2024, including the SCO Initiative “On World Unity for Just Peace and Harmony” announced by the Head of State, were coordinated. Further measures and proposals on improving the SCO’s activities at the present stage are considered.

The National Coordinator, Ambassador-at-Large of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan Murat Mukushev stressed the importance of the work being carried out, as well as the constructive approach of the member states in developing objective and mutually acceptable solutions to improve the SCO in the interests of effective practical multilateral cooperation.

The national coordinators also considered issues of the Organization’s current activities, including the SCO’s Plan of Major Events for 2024.

The meeting was traditionally held in a warm and friendly atmosphere. The parties showed the effectiveness of joint work, focus on the implementation of priorities and plans of Kazakhstan’s chairmanship in the Organization.

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