Sunday, April 14

Russian-Saudi negotiations

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Vladimir Putin is holding talks with Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman Al Saud, Chairman of the Council of Ministers of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, at the palace complex of the King of Saudi Arabia “Al-Yamama”.

Vladimir Putin: Thank you. Your Highness! First of all, I want to thank you for the invitation.

We were waiting for you in Moscow. I know that circumstances have made adjustments to these plans. But, as I said, nothing can prevent the development of our friendly relations. And indeed, being here in the region on a planned visit to In the United Arab Emirates, I took advantage of your invitation to come and talk with you and with all our friends, with whom we have been really actively developing our cooperation over the past seven years.

But the next meeting should be in Moscow.

M. bin Salman Al Saud (as translated): Undoubtedly, we are ready.

Vladimir Putin: Agreed.

Indeed, the Soviet Union was one of the first to recognize the independent state of Saudi Arabia. That was almost a hundred years ago. Our relations have developed in different ways during this time.

M. bin Salman Al Saud (as translated): I would like to note that at that time it was not the independence of the state that was recognized, but its formation.

Vladimir Putin: In any case, we respected the will of those submitted to Saudi Arabia to build their own future.

During this time, a lot has happened in our relationship. But over the past seven years, of course, the relationship has acquired such a quality, reached a level that has never been before. And this was achieved as a result of the wise policy of your father, the Custodian of the Two Holy Sites of the King of Saudi Arabia with your direct direct participation.

We have stable, very good relations in the field of political cooperation, in the economy, and in the humanitarian fields.

And of course, it is very important for all of us now to exchange information and assessments with you about what is happening in the region. Our meeting is certainly timely. Thank you again for the invitation.

M. bin Salman Al Saud (as translated): Welcome!

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