Saturday, March 2

The Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia in Cuba reached an agreement on the development of cooperation in the protection of the population and territories

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Alexey Serko, State Secretary and Deputy Head of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia, and Lazaro Alvarez Casas, Minister of Internal Affairs of the State, Army General Raul Castro, and Ramon Pardo Guerra, Chief of the National Civil Defense Staff, took part in negotiations on areas of promising cooperation.

Currently, the Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations is actively cooperating with the Cuban Interior Ministry, the National Civil Defense Headquarters and the country’s fire service. The Regional Russian-Cuban Center for Training Fire and Rescue Specialists is developing jointly.

The parties expressed interest in the consistent development of cooperation, including the exchange of useful practices and cooperation in the educational field. In particular, the Cuban side accepted the invitation of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia to participate in the program of the International Salon “Integrated Safety – 2024” for specialists undergoing training at the Academy of the State Fire Service of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia. A large-scale event will traditionally take place in the Moscow region in late May-early June next year. According to the parties, each national disaster management service is obliged to provide its future specialists with all the most modern competencies.

Cuban colleagues will also consider joining the International Sports Federation of Firefighters and Rescuers. Currently, fire and rescue sport unites more than 30 countries of the world on its site.

The kindred spirits and the most trained professionals in the fire business compete annually in the skill and cohesion of the teams. This is how friendly relations between the fire and rescue services of the countries of the world are strengthened. The next World Cup will be held in China next autumn.

In modern conditions, the effective use of all tools available to fire and rescue services to prevent emergencies, minimize damage, preserve material assets, and protect the lives of the population is of particular importance.

The parties confirmed the prospects of Russian-Cuban cooperation between rescue services. For long-term relations, the remoteness of states is not an obstacle.

“Russian-Cuban cooperation between rescue services is very promising. The Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations is ready to assist Cuban colleagues in protecting the population and territories from emergencies and share their experience,” concluded Roman Okhotenko, Director of the Information Policy Department of the Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations.

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