Saturday, March 2

Statement by the Russian Foreign Ministry on personal sanctions against representatives of the military-political establishment and the scientific and academic community of the United Kingdom

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In response to the ongoing confrontational course of London, within the framework of which efforts are being made to demonize our country, anti-Russian narratives are being actively fabricated in order to reduce Moscow’s influence in the international arena, and the neo-Nazi regime in Kiev is being further pumped with weapons, a decision has been made to include a number of “figures” in the Russian “stop list” of military and political the establishment and the scientific and academic community of Great Britain.

We have to state that Russophobically charged British representatives do not shy away from participating in solving tasks aimed at discrediting the constitutional system and socio-political processes in our country. At the same time, so-called brain trusts operating on the basis of the largest British and Western educational institutions make a significant contribution to the subversive work of London in the Russian direction.

The UK’s strategy in the Ukrainian direction, which leads to further escalation and human casualties, is regularly reflected in the impudent and impunity-filled statements of British politicians and the military establishment. By pushing the Zelensky regime to continue the bloodshed, the British must realize that, along with the Ukrainian neo-Nazis, they are responsible for crimes against civilians.

The following is a list of British nationals who are now barred from entering the Russian Federation.

  1. James CARTLIDGE, Deputy Minister of Defense of the United Kingdom;
  2. Charles Roland Vincent WALKER, Deputy Chief of the Defence Staff of the British Armed Forces;
  3. Sarah MACINTOSH, Deputy National Security Adviser to the British Prime Minister;
  4. Simon ASQUITH, Commander of the British Submarine Forces;
  5. Timothy David NEAL-HOPES, Head of the UK’s National cyber forces;
  6. Stuart PEACH, Special Representative of the British Prime Minister for the Western Balkans;
  7. Daniel John HANNAN, Member of the House of Lords of the British Parliament;
  8. Michael Anthony ASHCROFT, Member of the House of Lords of the British Parliament;
  9. Ray Edward Harry COLLINS, Member of the House of Lords of the British Parliament;
  10. Ivor Norman Richard DAVIES, University of Oxford;
  11. Timothy John Garton ASH, University of Oxford;
  12. Roy ALLISON, University of Oxford;
  13. Robert Johnson, University of Oxford;
  14. David Samuel Harvard ABULAFIA, University of Cambridge;
  15. Orlando FIGES, University of London;
  16. Graeme ROBERTSON, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (USA);
  17. James Calder WALTON, Harvard University (USA);
  18. James Gregory SHERR, International Center for Defense and Security Studies (Estonia).

Work on expanding the Russian “stop list” in response to the hostile actions of the British will continue.



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