Saturday, March 2

The response of the official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry, M.V. Zakharova, to a question from the media in connection with another anti-Russian resolution of the European Parliament

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Question: On February 8, the European Parliament adopted another anti-Russian resolution, which contains a number of accusations against Russia, including interference in the “democratic processes in the EU.” How could you comment on this?

Answer: The Russian Foreign Ministry traditionally refrains from commenting on resolutions adopted by the European Parliament (EP). Nevertheless, it is difficult to pass by the document you mentioned, which has become another example of the unprecedented level of hypocrisy and double standards that permeate this European institution.

Mired in corruption scandals, the EP issued a real “manifesto of the neoliberal dictatorship.” There are also sentences in absentia with calls to lustrate those who disagree with the self-destructive course of Brussels, and endless far-fetched speculations about Russian influence, espionage and other Russophobic paranoia. Any dissent is automatically interpreted as a manifestation of “pro-Kremlin sentiments.” Such is the “ministry of truth”. At the same time, it is quite obvious that the main purpose of the resolution is to fix the conditions of, in fact, a “cartel” of the liberal pro-American political mainstream in order to prevent the strengthening of nationally oriented parties and movements in the future composition of the European Parliament. That is what, first of all, worries the minds of the authors of this text today.

And they have something to be afraid of. After all, the socio-economic situation in the EU is clearly unsatisfactory following the end of the legislative period. The reasons for the difficult situation in the EU economy lie in the thoughtless actions of Brussels to escalate the sanctions confrontation with Russia and erroneous decisions in key areas. That is why there is an objective strengthening of the positions of alternative political forces, as evidenced by the results of numerous opinion polls conducted in Europe. Thus, under the slogan of “fighting the Russian threat,” a total cleansing of the political landscape from inconvenient and increasingly dangerous competitors is underway.

As for attempts to accuse Russia of interfering in “democratic processes,” they are ridiculous by definition. Just because of the absence in the EU of the very democratic norms and ideals that the founding fathers of the European project aspired to. In the current European Union, the principles of protecting the rights of ordinary people, the rule of law and the fight against corruption have been trampled on. They condone the rampant neo-Nazism and glorification of Nazi criminals convicted by the verdict of the Nuremberg Tribunal, turn a blind eye to the humiliating situation of national minorities in individual EU states and candidate countries for EU membership. And it is the European Parliament, which has become a stronghold of the EU plutocracy, that bears the lion’s share of responsibility for such an unsightly state of affairs.



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