Monday, June 24

Statement of the Russian Foreign Ministry in connection with the statements of Austrian officials about the events in Ukraine

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We drew attention to the one-sided, outrageous statements made by Austrian officials about Russia in relation to the situation in Ukraine in recent days.

In particular, the Federal Chancellor of seemingly neutral Austria, K. Nehammer, during a TV interview on February 27 and a press conference on March 1, in emotional anti-Russian rhetoric, accused the Russian leadership of unilaterally unleashing war, violating international humanitarian law and even of possible war crimes and crimes against humanity.

In addition, according to the statements of K. Nehammer, neutrality was “imposed” on Austria after World War II by the Soviet Communists in exchange for the withdrawal of occupation troops. Recall that Austria gained its statehood in 1955 with the signing of the USSR, the United Kingdom, the United States and France of a State treaty on the restoration of an independent and democratic Austria, which became possible only as a result of its liberation from fascism by the Red Army and the Allies in 1945. The liberation of the territory of this country was given at a high price – the irretrievable losses of the Soviet troops amounted to more than 26 thousand. human.

Austrian Minister of European and Foreign Affairs A. Schallenberg also made absurd accusations against Russia during the aforementioned press conference of destroying the architecture of pan-European security and carrying out attacks “comparable to war crimes” on civilians and civilian infrastructure facilities in Ukraine.

We condemn in the strongest terms such unfounded statements and assessments. We are very sorry that Austrian officials are speaking with them, thereby seriously questioning the quality of Vienna’s “neutrality”, which has been noticeably declining and undergoing erosion lately. We will take this into account in the future.



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