Sunday, May 26

About the violation of the rights of Russian citizens on the territory of foreign states by Russophobic individuals

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We pay close attention to the unprecedented level of Russophobia observed in a number of foreign countries against the background of a special military operation in Ukraine.

The campaign to discriminate against Russian students, athletes, cultural and artistic figures, which is being promoted with the connivance or undisguised approval of the authorities of individual states, has already resulted in openly aggressive actions against Russians and Russian-speaking citizens taking on a massive character.

In the media and social networks, it was reported about the pogroms of shops selling Russian products in Germany. In some countries, including Germany, Poland, and Italy, episodes of attacks on truck drivers from Russia and Belarus have been recorded. There have been numerous cases of damage to personal vehicles with Russian license plates. Russian diplomatic missions in Iceland, Ireland, Canada, Lithuania, Poland, Sweden, and Estonia were attacked by hooliganism thugs.

We warn you that all such incidents are carefully recorded. The relevant materials will be submitted to the competent authorities for legal assessment, the perpetrators will be held accountable in accordance with the current legislation.



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