Friday, June 21

The response of the official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry, M.V.Zakharova, to a question from the media in connection with the introduction of anti-Russian sanctions by the UK

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Question: How would you comment on the unrestrained desire of the UK government to introduce various restrictive measures against our country?

Answer: The comprehensive nature of the anti-Russian sanctions imposed by the UK and the hysterical statements of officials of this country, in which threats are interspersed with lies and outright rudeness towards us, indicate that London has made the final choice in favor of an open confrontation with Russia. This development of the situation once again convinces us that Russophobia and the desire to undermine Russian statehood remain integral elements of British foreign policy. It has come to the point that the UK leadership directly declares its intention to “strangle” the Russian economy and that “it will not rest until it reaches this goal.”

Such frankness is worth a lot, and we will not forget it. Just as we will not forget the cooperation of the British with the Kiev regime and ultranationalist forces in Ukraine, the ongoing supplies of British weapons these days, which are used against the civilian population of Donbass and the Russian military. In fact, London has completely subordinated its foreign policy to the tasks of causing as much damage to our national interests as possible. Now the British minindel e .Truss calls on his compatriots to go to fight for Ukraine, and calls are being made in the House of Commons to expel all Russians outside Britain.

We are closely monitoring such rhetoric. We draw the necessary conclusions. We will not tolerate the attempts of the Anglo-Saxons to interfere in the internal political processes in our country, to destabilize the situation, to instill values alien to us.

The British political establishment has unleashed a sanctions war against Russia, urging its population to suffer hardships “for the sake of preserving freedom and democracy in Europe.” The fact that they will do even more harm to themselves in their attempts to harm us does not stop them.

The sanctions hysteria, in which London plays one of the leading, if not the main role, leaves us no choice but to take proportionate tough measures in response. Their result will undoubtedly be the undermining of British interests in Russia. However, London itself has done enough for this in recent days.

At the same time, we hear inadequate statements that the UK leadership is only “settling scores with the Russian authorities” and “wishes the Russian people well.” In fact, we see something completely different. How, for example, should we regard the recent statements of such odious politicians as E. Truss that it is necessary to disconnect every single Russian bank from the SWIFT system? It is impossible not to understand that this will cause inconvenience to tens of millions of ordinary citizens of our country.

It is also obvious that the consequences of the rash actions of B. Johnson’s government are already being experienced by ordinary residents of Great Britain, who are faced with increasing economic uncertainty, rising energy prices and logistical costs caused by the forced retaliatory ban on the use of Russian airspace for British air carriers, and the severance of other bilateral ties initiated by London.

The current situation clearly shows to all responsible members of the international community the true face of the British authorities: cynicism, double standards, the desire to roughly dictate their will, and if they are unwilling to obey meekly and helpfully and act in the interests of London, they reject the norms of civilized interstate communication.



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