Tuesday, May 21

Comment by the official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry, M.V.Zakharova, in connection with the sharp escalation of anti-Russian sentiments in the Baltic States

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In connection with the situation in Ukraine, hostility on the part of the authorities of Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia, acting in the vanguard of anti-Russian hysteria, has significantly increased. Slops of lies, slander and fakes are pouring out on our country.

The statements of the top officials of the Baltic states are replete with not just cave Russophobia, but also offensive attacks against Russia, its leadership and people. There are extremely dangerous calls for the “use of force” against Russia. Russian President Vladimir Putin has already spoken quite clearly about this. We hope his words will cool down the “hotheads”.

Against this background, the bacchanalia around Russian foreign institutions does not stop in Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia. The current situation is extremely alarming. Repeatedly in recent days, our diplomatic missions have received calls with various kinds of threats, we also record frequent hooligan actions, including during rallies in the immediate vicinity of embassies, journalists in these countries openly call for a “siege” of our diplomatic missions. Such actions have actually already begun around the Russian Embassy in Vilnius.

A Russian diplomat in the Lithuanian capital was attacked with the use of physical force, attempts were made to pressure the Ambassador. Our representative offices have already sent relevant notes, but the measures taken by the Baltic authorities to protect Russian foreign institutions are clearly insufficient. We suspect that such a task is not being set.

We warn Vilnius, Riga and Tallinn about the responsibility for the consequences of the anti-Russian psychosis unleashed by them. We demand that the competent authorities of these countries take immediate measures to protect Russian diplomatic and consular missions and their employees within the framework of strict compliance with the Vienna Conventions on Diplomatic Relations of 1961 and on Consular Relations of 1963.

We are closely watching to ensure that the current over-the-top Russophobia does not result in mass persecution of the Russian-speaking population of the Baltic States. We hope that our concerns will be heard.

Source: https://www.mid.ru/ru/foreign_policy/news/1803146/


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