Monday, May 20

The winners of the competition “Cossacks in the service of the Fatherland” from 29 regions of Russia and other CIS countries will be able to study at the Moscow State University of Technology and Management

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The second competition called “Cossacks in the service of the Fatherland” ended with participants from 29 regions of Russia and CIS countries. All of them openly declared their willingness to serve their Fatherland, the Cossacks and the Orthodox faith, as well as their commitment to Cossack culture and traditions.

The winners of the competition were 49 high school students and college graduates, most of whom studied in cadet or Cossack classes. The geography of the winners covers many regions of Russia and CIS countries.

The winners will receive a unique opportunity to study for free at the Cossack bachelor’s degree at MGUT, stay in a hostel and a scholarship. The training will take place in three areas: “Media technologies and information policy of the Cossacks”, “History, social studies and ethnoculture” and “State policy towards the Cossacks”.

The most popular direction among the participants of the competition was “State and municipal management”, for which almost half of all works were submitted. The participants of the competition expressed their desire to serve for the benefit of the Motherland and see themselves as managers in Cossack societies and departments responsible for implementing policies towards the Russian Cossacks.

MGUTU Rector Arseny Mironov expressed his joy that talented and motivated students come to the university every year. He noted that boys and girls strive to realize themselves in the Cossack environment, know what they want, are ready to become successors of the Cossack culture and benefit society.



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