Sunday, May 19

Поздравление Министра иностранных дел Российской Федерации С.В.Лаврова Генеральному директору МИА «Россия сегодня» Д.К.Киселеву

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Dear Dmitry Konstantinovich,

On behalf of the staff of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and on my own behalf, I cordially congratulate you on your 70th birthday.

You have been working productively in the field of professional journalism for almost half a century. Masterfully using pen and word, bring accurate, up-to-date information about events in our country and beyond to the general public.

Today, as the head of one of the largest media holdings in the country, you continue to make an unsurpassed and creative personal contribution to strengthening our country’s position in the global information space. I would especially like to mention your author’s projects, which are deservedly popular with a multi-million audience.

Smolenskaya Square cherishes good, time-tested relations with you. We are ready to continue them in the interests of effective information support for the unified foreign policy of the Russian Federation.

I wish you good health, new creative successes and all the best.



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