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The Savchenko – Kocharyan family team from Sevastopol has reached the final of the competition “This is our family” of the presidential platform “Russia is a country of opportunities”.

Svetlana’s mother was the first to see the news about the start of the competition and immediately applied. It turned out to be not so easy to put the team together – everyone has a training schedule, the children have school, the head of the family Alexey has frequent business trips. Grandmother Irina Sergeevna helped a lot in organizational matters.

“We performed tasks during the New Year holidays – we did the maximum in a short period of time. It turned out very funny with the cartoon: the plot was invented based on the “Bremen Town Musicians”, everyone was given roles. Instead of a cart, we had a cargo gazelle – with the tool it was very difficult to stand on the platform that was traveling. We were also surrounded by other cars that shouldn’t have been in the frame. They probably did a hundred takes,” shared Papa Alexei.

The plots for many videos were taken from life. Helping others, sports activities – these are all common family activities.

“It was a great honor for us to make it to the semifinals of the “It’s a family thing” competition. We went to Rostov-on-Don with the idea that we had already won, this is an incredible opportunity and an unplanned family vacation. From the very beginning, the trip was an exciting journey: the opening day was incredibly eventful, my head was spinning from new acquaintances, a kaleidoscope of beautiful families and events,” said Svetlana’s mother.

At the evaluation events, everyone was very worried, but decided that they would do what they could.

“Sports skills have played an important role, because we know how to work in a team, accumulate strength in time, sport disciplines, this is important during competitions. The children performed well during the creative tasks, but it was expected. But to learn about the new abilities of family members was very unexpected. So, our dad impressed us with his plasticity and acting skills,” Svetlana noted.

The day of summing up was exciting. The family participated in the activities, and then went to the festive concert and the ceremony itself.

“Emotions cannot be conveyed. We cried, and smiled, and hugged, and shouted words of gratitude. My legs were shaking, I couldn’t believe my luck! Probably, the real realization came only the next day. All these four days have become a real family holiday for us,” says grandmother Irina Sergeevna.

The Savchenko – Kocharyan team believes that participation in the competition gives the family a lot – unity and cohesion, the opportunity to become closer to each other and learn something new.

“We reached the final, and this is a really significant event for our family. We look forward to the joy of the trip and dream of a great trip with the whole family,” concluded Svetlana’s mother.

The final of the competition “This is our family” will be held in Moscow from July 5 to 8. The winners will be announced on the Day of Family, Love and Fidelity.

source:  https://xn--2024-u4d6b7a9f1a.xn--p1ai/Press-centr/region-news/9743


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