Tuesday, May 21

The International Inventors Forum was held in the capital of Tajikistan

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The International Forum of Inventors and Innovators was held in Dushanbe. One of the key topics was the valuation of intellectual property.

The speakers emphasised the need to introduce innovations into the educational process in universities. In Tajikistan itself, scientists have received more than 200 patents for inventions in the last 10 years alone.

‘This is the third time such a forum has been held in Tajikistan. We try to support and encourage our country’s inventors in every possible way. Today we also have an exhibition of Tajik developments. Now our main task is to link the new inventions of our scientists with regular production throughout the republic,’ said Sorboni Saidjalol, head of the Department of State Expertise of Inventions and Industrial Designs at Tajikistan’s National Patent Information Centre.

The forum was timed to coincide with International Intellectual Property Day, which will be celebrated April 26.



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