Sunday, May 19

Russian PTC Group is ready to help repair Uzbekistan's railways

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The Russian PTC Group plans to cooperate with the Uzbek side in repairing the republic’s railways. This was announced on the margins of the international exhibition ‘Innoprom. Central Asia’ in Tashkent, Evgeny Popov, first deputy general director of PTC Group, told journalists.

‘The technologies we invent and subsequently the machines we manufacture allow us to repair railway infrastructure in the shortest possible time to ensure maximum freight flow,’ he said, answering a question from TASS. According to Popov, the technologies used on the Trans-Siberian railway will be suitable for Uzbekistan’s railways.

‘Both Russia and Uzbekistan are now facing the same problems. First, the development of high-speed traffic. The second, those countries that border one way or another on the transit of Chinese cargoes are actually ‘sewn up’ in the infrastructure they have and need to maintain,’ he added.

Ilya Postnikov, PTC Group’s first deputy general director and chief operating officer for production and sales, also said that the company has already held talks on co-operation with representatives of the Uzbek Ministry of Transport and Uzbek Railways on the margins of Innoprom. ‘When we integrate more deeply with Uzbek Railways, I think we will definitely find suppliers of our equipment [in Uzbekistan]for a synergistic effect and to reduce the cost of work,’ he commented on the possibility of industrial co-operation with the republic.

Industrial-engineering holding PTC Group specialises in the production, repair and operation of railway equipment.



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