Sunday, May 26

Comment by the official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry, M.V. Zakharova, in connection with the statements of the US Permanent Representative to the United Nations on the reform of the UN Security Council

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On April 18, speaking at the National Institute for Political Studies in Tokyo, U.S. Permanent Representative to the United Nations L.Thomas-Greenfield made a number of noteworthy statements. The American raised the issue of the reform of the UN Security Council. According to her, once before, the United States, China and Russia agreed on their unwillingness to see changes in this body. At the same time, in 2021, the Americans allegedly left this group and became supporters of the reform of the UN Security Council and the Organization as a whole, while Russia and China remained its opponents.

The statement by the US representative is outright disinformation. Russia has consistently supported the reform process of the UN Security Council and does not believe that this body should remain unchanged. A scrupulous negotiation process has been underway on this topic since 2009, aimed at developing a compromise solution that will enjoy the widest possible support, ideally by consensus. The Russian side, together with like-minded people, is actively working on this.

Our country has consistently supported and supports the expansion of the UN Security Council at the expense of developing countries in Asia, Africa and Latin America. The Russian Federation, like the vast majority of UN member States, stands in favor of correcting the historical injustice against Africa, whose current representation in the Security Council in no way corresponds to either the total number of States on the continent or their modern role in international affairs. But Western countries, which strictly adhere to the bloc approaches defined in Washington and Brussels, on the contrary, are already significantly overrepresented in the UN Security Council. The increase in their number does not contribute in any way to strengthening the multilateral foundations enshrined in the Charter of the Organization. The activity of the United States in promoting disinformation about the approaches of Russia and China is explained by nothing more than the desire of Western countries to maintain their elusive dominance on the world stage.

We are convinced that such statements by Western capitals will not mislead other participants in the negotiations, primarily from the countries of the Global South, who are well aware of the principled Russian position.



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