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Tourism without borders in OECD countries: a Declaration was adopted at the Shakhrisabz Forum

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The forum participants stressed the importance of strengthening cooperation between ECO member States for the further development of tourism.

A joint declaration was adopted at the forum “Tourism without Borders within the framework of the Organization for Economic Cooperation”, held in Shakhrisabz, Sputnik Uzbekistan correspondent reports.
It became the final document of the event, where current developments and prospects for cooperation in the field of tourism within the ECO were discussed.
​By adopting this Declaration, the forum participants declared:

  • to support joint efforts aimed at creating favorable conditions for the further development of the tourism industry to promote more sustainable and inclusive tourism, as well as the tourism potential of the member States to stimulate domestic tourism in the ECO space and increase mutual tourist flows;
  • the intention to strengthen cooperation to improve the management of tourism resources in order to minimize the negative impact on the environment and at the same time maximize benefits for local communities;
  • a common interest in sharing experiences and skills in areas such as improving service standards, training professionals and building capacity, developing inclusive tourism products and developing infrastructure to provide high-level services;
  • willingness to organize joint events to further discuss important aspects of tourism development using various platforms of the Organization for Economic Cooperation.
    They also stressed the importance of strengthening cooperation between ECO member States for the

further development of tourism, with a special focus on:

  • the introduction of innovative technological solutions
  • improving the quality of services in tourism and related industries
  • strengthening inclusive tourism programs
  • and supporting broader youth participation.

In addition, the forum discussed the need to promote the concept of sustainable tourism, given its role in improving the economic well-being of communities, as well as its positive impact on government efforts to protect the environment and mitigate climate change.

It was noted that tourism is also important as a platform for promoting intercultural dialogue, public diplomacy, educational and other ties, which are key factors for building sustainable peace and maintaining stability.

Shakhrisabz became the tourist capital of the Economic Cooperation Organization in 2024.

In this regard, international events are taking place these days in one of the oldest cities of Uzbekistan, which has a great tourist potential.




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