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The district semi-finals of the “This is our Family” competition of the presidential platform “Russia is a country of Opportunities” for families from the North Caucasus and Southern Federal Districts, as well as new regions of the country, have ended in Rostov-on–Don. 40 teams won the competition, including the Tkachenko – Shtetalny and Kocharyan – Savchenko families from Sevastopol.

The winners from two federal districts will meet with other finalists in Moscow on July 8 to compete for the main prizes of the competition, which takes place in the Year of the Family.

The Sevastopol Kocharyan –Savchenko family was led to victory by the head of the family, Alexey.

“The competition motivated us to spend more time together and gather with the whole family. The remote stage has become a stage of rapprochement for us, and now it continues. The very participation in the semifinals is already a celebration, it’s great to feel like a team. We are happy to communicate and find out how multifaceted, kind, sociable, talented and friendly our families are,” Alexey Savchenko said.

There are eight participants in the Tkachenko – Shtetalny team – Dad Vadim and mom Irina, children Albert, Mark, Louise, Alina, as well as grandmother Elena Alekseevna and grandfather Vladimir Leonidovich. They dream of going on a big trip – from Vladivostok to Kaliningrad.

“Most of all, we remember the tasks where we had to interact with each other, it brought us together and showed how friendly we are. Love and mutual help helped us win, and I hope this will help us in the final. Love is a family thing!” – Vadim Shtetalny shared.

The winners were determined based on the results of the evaluation stages of the competition on April 19 and 20, which included creative, intellectual and sports tasks.

A total of 217 people who took part in the semi-finals reached the final, among them 91 children, 74 parents, 43 grandparents, as well as other relatives. The youngest finalists are 5 years old, and the oldest is 86 years old.

On the final day, an educational and entertainment program was waiting for the participants. Creative families staged a concert – they sang songs, read poetry, presented their dance routines, played the accordion, guitar, and drums.

The organizer of the contest “It’s family here” is the autonomous non–profit organization “Russia is a country of opportunities”. The competition is co-organized by Rosmolodezh and the Movement of the First. The competition is held in the Year of the Family with the participation of the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation, the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of the Russian Federation, the Russian Society “Knowledge”, ANO “More than a journey”, the sociological agency “Weber” (the project of ANO “Dialog” and ANO “Dialog Regions”).

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