Tuesday, May 21


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In the swimming pool of the Regional Rehabilitation Center for Children and Adolescents with Disabilities “Sail of Hope” in Voronezh, sports starts “Health for all!” were held, in which 16 family teams participated.

The start program included contests, games, and relay races. To warm up before the competition, a warm-up session was held for children and parents. In the main part of the starts, the participants performed tasks with swimming boards, covered distances with inflatable circles, collected rings from the bottom of the pool, competed in agility, speed and courage.

Under the guidance of Olga Bakholdina, an experienced coach at the Center, and specialists from the Department of Adaptive Physical Culture, it was possible to create a warm, joyful and friendly atmosphere at the sports festival. 

The starts ended with an award ceremony for all participants of the event and a family tea party at a round table.

source:  https://xn--2024-u4d6b7a9f1a.xn--p1ai/Press-centr/region-news/9807


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