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The history of the Pankov family is unique, because here, in the fourth generation, two dynasties that are engaged in woodworking craft came together. Yulia and Yuri Pankov have two children in their family: Kirill is 11 years old, Alice is 3 years old. And also grandparents: Korotaeva Maria Ivanovna and Oleg Anatolyevich; Pankov Ekaterina Nikolaevna, Vitaly Egorovich.

“Two dynasties working with wood have come together in our generation. My husband and the father of our children, Yuri Pankov, has been working with wood for the fourth generation: his father passed on the skills from his grandfather and great–grandfather, who were excellent specialists in wooden house construction, who trained more than one generation of carpenters,” Yulia said.

And Julia’s profession became a continuation of the life work of her grandfather and great-grandfather.

“In order to preserve the experience and skills of our ancestors, we decided to establish a carpentry workshop “Smeta”. Working with natural and environmentally friendly material (wood) provides an opportunity to contribute to the preservation of the environment,” she shared.

Despite his young age, his son helps adults. At the age of 11, he grinds and glues products for the family business in his spare time.

“We want to share the history of the family and show how important it is: the careful preservation of family values with the multiplication of family traditions. Already today we see the fruits of our principles and traditions in our children. They are interested in the history of their ancestors, honor family values and traditions, the son helps his father in the craft, rejoices at the success of his sister,” Yulia noted.

source:  https://xn--2024-u4d6b7a9f1a.xn--p1ai/Press-centr/region-news/9801


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