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The family of Olesya and Yevgeny Badanov from Pavlovsk is built on common interests – they were united by Cossack songs, music and fresh air.

“One day Olesya and her son went to Mamontovo to visit their parents, but I stayed in Pavlovsk. And somehow I felt so lonely without them that I took the accordion and in half an hour composed music based on the poems of our poet Nikolai Zudilin. The song became my dedication to my beloved,” Evgeny said.

Evgeny Badanov lives in Pavlovsk. His singing grandmother taught him folk songs from birth, and when his grandson grew up, she gave him the first accordion. At music school, Yevgeny learned to play all folk and orchestral instruments. I met Olesya at the Institute of Culture – he was in his last year, and she had just enrolled.

“We lived in the same hostel, we met at carols. And then – a novel. It is very easy for people of our profession to confess their love and make an offer. Even if a person hides something, the music will tell you everything,” recalls Eugene.

Olesya, a nature lover, comes from the Mamontovsky district. Every time she passed Pavlovsk on her way to Barnaul, she admired the local beauties and dreamed of living here.

Dreams have come true: on the beautiful date 11.11.11, the young people got married. After graduating from the university, Olesya moved to Pavlovsk and got a job at the children’s art school, where she leads a children’s folklore group. She also performs in the Cossack choir, whose artistic director is her husband.

It is curious that Evgeny has no relatives among the Cossacks, but it was to him 13 years ago that the founder of the Pavlovsky Cossack Choir (now the national choir, this year the collective turns 20 years old), Vladimir Fedorovich Dmitrienko, entrusted the leadership. And I was not mistaken. When the artists come out today with their business card “Unhitch the horses, lads,” it seems that the heavens are ringing.

Olesya has Cossack blood – her relatives live in the Charyshsky district, in Tulat. She has a multinational family: her great–grandmother is a Gypsy, there is a Mordvinian, and Olesya is Belarusian on her grandfather’s side. It was he who gave his granddaughter the Polesie name. After the war, he became the director of the House of Culture, and later his son continued the business, who led a vocal and instrumental ensemble.

Olesya studies the history of her family: for the compiled chronicle at the regional competition “Warm with the warmth of a parent’s heart”, the girl received a diploma.

“We are two leaders, two artistic directors with difficult characters. Sometimes, at rehearsal, I disagree with my husband, I have my own vision, but I keep my temperament to myself. In public, he is Yevgeny Yuryevich to me. And what I don’t like, I can discuss with him at home,” Olesya shared the secret of family life.

The Badanovs have a son, Yaroslav, who is just learning to play the piano, and also learns the basics of jigging and flanking. The name of this gifted boy is already known to the jury of many regional competitions: from “Kasmala” and “Itkul summer” to Pavlovsky “Shermitsii”.

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