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The EEU: How has the macroeconomic situation in the Union countries changed

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We are talking about the levels of inflation, debt and deficit of the consolidated budget of the public administration sector.

The indicators determining macroeconomic stability in the EEU countries demonstrate positive dynamics, the press service of the EEC reports.
The results of the relevant monitoring were announced at a meeting of the Advisory Committee on Macroeconomic Policy of the Eurasian Economic Commission.

“According to the results of monitoring conducted by the Commission on a regular basis, the macroeconomic situation in the countries of the Union has improved by the end of 2023,” the message says.

Recall that in accordance with the Treaty on the Union, the macroeconomic indicators that determine the sustainability of the economic development of the EEU countries include the level of inflation, the level of debt and the level of deficit of the consolidated budget of the public administration sector.
The members of the Advisory Committee also reviewed the progress of work on the draft of the Main Directions of economic development of the EEU member states until 2035.
The Minister for Integration and Macroeconomics of the EEC, Sergei Glazyev, stressed that “taking into account the structural changes taking place in the world, when developing and adopting strategic planning documents for the economies of the EEU member states, it is necessary to take into account the desire for economic development at a pace ahead of not only global, but also the countries of Southeast Asia, which are currently the main sources of economic growth in the world.”
They also discussed conceptual approaches to the implementation of mechanisms and programs of conditional targeted financing for the development of catching-up economies in the regions of the Union states. According to Glazyev, the development of such approaches is an important element of the integrated development of the economies of the Union countries.
At the same time, the issues of forming a development budget in the EEU, finding sources of financing and enhancing the participation of development institutions to achieve these goals remain relevant.

source:  https://uz.sputniknews.ru/20240429/eaeu-eec-makroekonomika-pokazateli-43652114.html


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