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More than 73 thousand EU citizens have visited Belarus since the beginning of the year on a visa-free basis

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Lithuanian citizens most often use the visa-free regime to visit Belarus.

Over 73 thousand citizens of the European Union have visited Belarus since the beginning of this year as part of the visa-free regime, the State Border Committee of the Republic reported.
According to the CPC, 73,335 foreigners from the EU have used visa-free travel since January 1. Among them are more than 35.7 thousand Lithuanians, 17.5 thousand citizens and 4.6 thousand non-citizens of Latvia, as well as 15.3 thousand Poles.
In total, 873.9 thousand foreign citizens came to the republic after the introduction of visa-free travel in Belarus: 531 thousand Lithuanians, 202.3 thousand citizens and 60,747 non-citizens of Latvia, 79.8 thousand Poles.

To Belarus on a visa-free basis

According to the Border Committee, last year more than 415.6 thousand citizens of neighboring EU states crossed the Belarusian border without a visa, most of them Lithuanian citizens – about 247 thousand.
About 126 thousand residents of Latvia entered Belarus last year, and more than 42.7 thousand citizens of Poland. In addition, more than 76.7 thousand Ukrainians have entered Belarus.
The Belarusian authorities introduced a visa-free regime for citizens of these three states back in 2022. Then it was extended, and in December 2023, it was decided to extend visa-free entry for the whole of 2024.



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