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In March, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a decree on awarding large families with state awards. Among them is the Kharitonov family with many children from the Kinel–Cherkassy district of the Samara region. Spouses Sergey Vyacheslavovich and Anastasia Leonidovna were awarded the Medal of the Order of Parental Glory.

The head of the family, Sergei Khariton, is the rector of the Church in honor of the Holy Princes Boris and Gleb of the village of Kinel–Cherkassy. He is respected by the parishioners and residents of his native village. Anastasia Leonidovna is also from an Orthodox family, graduated from the Samara Orthodox Seminary with a degree in choir director. Currently, she is dedicated to raising children.

The couple has six children: three sons and three daughters. The elder Kirill graduated from medical college and is currently doing his military service. The second son, Danil, studies at an agricultural college, is fond of exact sciences. Olga, a high school student, is studying at an art school and plans to enroll in a pedagogical institute as an art teacher. Ksyusha is 12, the girl was born with hearing problems, but thanks to the care of her father, mother and the attention of specialists, she is successfully studying at school, she has many friends. Roman is a first–grader, a creative boy, loves to play the accordion. The youngest daughter, Ira, is still only going to kindergarten.  

In such a large family, it is very important to support and understand each other. Parents try to be an example for their children in everything, and they always share their parenting responsibilities equally.

“I want people, looking at us, not to be afraid to start a big family. I understand it’s hard, but we’ve been through it, and all the difficulties are forgotten over time when you see the smiles of your children,” said Anastasia Kharitonova, a mother of many children.

For the decent upbringing of children, the couple have been awarded various awards more than once. The family piggy bank already has a badge of public recognition “For the glory of fatherhood”, Gratitude from the Governor of the Samara region, a badge of distinction “Maternal valor” of the II degree. And now the Kharitonovs have been awarded the Medal of the Order of Parental Glory. A large family is supported by the state, the Kharitonovs receive all the necessary social support measures, including a single allowance.

“It is very pleasant to realize that we live at a time when our families receive such great attention from the state. Payments, allowances and various benefits allow young parents to think about how their families grow every year. The national project “Demography” is also aimed at this,” said Natalia Bondar, a specialist in social work at the Integrated Center for Social Services for the Population of the Eastern District.   

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