Saturday, May 25


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Today, the Diamond wedding is celebrated by a family from the social institution “Veteran” Radik Sharipovich and Elena Pavlovna Mansurova.

The symbol of the celebration is the hardest mineral in the world – diamond. It is as durable and unique as the joint life of a couple who have been protecting their relationship for 60 years, despite difficulties and problems.

Radik Sharipovich and Elena Pavlovna met in Alma-Ata, where they studied at the Kazakh Agricultural Institute (now the Kazakh National Agrarian Research University) in different courses. They have 50 years of work experience behind them. Elena Pavlovna is a leading engineer, and Radik Sharapovich is a teacher at an agricultural college.

Before meeting his future wife, Radik Mansurov served in the Soviet Army, was a tank commander. He took part in the Hungarian events as part of the 97th Mechanized Regiment of the 1st Tank Company.

The Mansurov couple raised their son, actively helped raise their granddaughter.

The staff of the social institution “Veteran” together with the volunteers heartily congratulated the Mansurov family on the round date!

Few people can celebrate such a precious date. Only the wisest, most loving, most patient and understanding spouses overcome this distance. Live happily together for many more years. Happy anniversary to you!

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