Saturday, May 25

A Russian student spoke about the nuances of language practice in China

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Anastasia Likhanova, a student of the Faculty of Foreign Languages of OmSPU, is undergoing a language internship at Xi’an University, she will study in China for six months. In an interview with Omsk Here, a partner of the TV BRICS network, the girl spoke about her experience of living abroad.

In Xi’an, the girl studies various nuances of the language and gets acquainted with the culture of the country, including the health-improving gymnastics of Taijiquan. In addition, she joined the Chinese calligraphy and painting club.

“The only difficulty of learning is the language barrier, which is easily overcome, because the level of motivation is always at its best. Sometimes it is difficult to assimilate a large amount of information in a foreign language, but it brings me only joy,” the student shared.

She also has the opportunity to travel around China – the girl managed to visit the Drum and Bell Towers, the Wild Goose Pagoda, the Xi’an City Museum, the Muslim Quarter, the City Wall.

“Xi’an is famous for its rich history, which you certainly feel every time you find yourself here. We plan to see as many of the city’s numerous attractions as possible,” Anastasia Likhanova said. She is thinking about visiting other cities as well.



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