Sunday, May 26

Comment by the official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry, M.V.Zakharova, in connection with the completion of the mandate of the group of experts of the UN Security Council Committee 1718 on the DPRK

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On April 30, the mandate of the group of experts of the UN Security Council Committee 1718 on sanctions against the DPRK expired. On March 28, Russia voted against the draft Security Council resolution proposed by the United States, which provided for its “technical” extension. The reasons for our move were detailed in the comments of the official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry on March 29.

At the same time, having shown a constructive approach, we, as promised, submitted our draft UN Security Council resolution, which proposed to establish the maximum chronological framework for the restrictive measures – a long overdue and very necessary solution for detente on the Korean peninsula. At the same time, the mandate of the expert team would be extended. However, this initiative was completely rejected by Pyongyang’s opponents, led by the United States and their associates in the UN Security Council. As a result, we had to curtail our work due to the inability to reach a compromise.

The “collective West” proved unable to overcome its ossified attitudes, rooted back in the days of the Cold War, which consisted in constantly increasing pressure on Pyongyang with an eye to dismantling the North Korean socio-political system. At the same time, they finally decided to squeeze the most “useful” out of a completely discredited group of so-called experts. At the end of their work in emergency mode, a trip to Kiev was organized by three “specialists” of the group to study the wreckage of the rocket, which, according to the assurances of the Kiev authorities, allegedly fell in Kharkov on January 2. And a few days later, the mentioned experts signed a voluminous report, in which, in fact, no thoughtful and impartial work is visible (there was not even a single UN expert on missile technology in Kiev), but the necessary conclusions prepared in advance by the Ukrainian side and its Western curators are being sung in all sorts of ways. As expected, they are anti–Pyongyang. With specially verified hints that offend Russia. No less predictable was the immediate “leak” of the report to the Western press, designed for a corresponding public effect.

So, the experts’ trip was organized more than three months after the alleged incident. This time, apparently, was used to fabricate a documentary basis and compose a text with predetermined conclusions, which would then be “sanctified” by representatives of the group of experts under the guise of an independent UN study.

In our opinion, this unpleasant story, casting a shadow on the institute of UN expertise, eloquently confirmed the independent and biased nature of the sanctions team on the DPRK and, accordingly, the correctness of our decision to put an end to its activities. Further attempts to revive its existence so that everything would be “as before” are pointless.



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