Thursday, May 30

The response of the official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry, M.V. Zakharova, to a media question regarding the “peace conference” on Ukraine in Switzerland

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Question: A message has appeared on the website of the Swiss Federal Department of Foreign Affairs (FDID) that at this stage Russia is not invited to the June “peace conference” on Ukraine. At the same time, it was noted that Bern has always been open to Russia’s invitation, but it is allegedly not interested in participating in the first peace summit itself. Is this really the case? Will Russia be ready to participate in subsequent meetings?

Answer: The Swiss organizers of the conference openly distort the facts. Russia is not going to participate not only in the first so-called summit in Switzerland, but also in principle in any events promoting the ultimatum “Zelensky formula”. Even if we are persistently invited to such forums.

Another reinterpretation of the facts is due to the fact that the Swiss present the case in such a way that the meeting in Burgenstock will launch a new settlement process that will take into account not only the “Zelensky formula”, but also the initiatives of other countries. In fact, the Swiss conference is a continuation of the failed “Copenhagen format”. Its organizers unsuccessfully tried to deliver a collective ultimatum to Russia, to put together and expand the anti-Russian coalition through blackmail and deception. It is obvious that now they are also not going to look for ways to peace, and even more so to understand the root causes of the Ukrainian crisis. The logic of this behavior is simple – the West is not interested in a settlement, it needs a “strategic defeat of Russia.” The rest is just empty words.

As for Switzerland itself, it cannot serve as a platform for dialogue on a settlement. This country has lost its neutral status and ability to be a mediator. She sided with the Kiev regime, actively supports it, takes an anti-Russian position, imposes sanctions against us, and adopts strategies that exclude Russia from the European security system.

If Bern really wanted to launch a new negotiation process, he would, firstly, take steps to restore the lost neutrality, and secondly, include completely other issues on the agenda of the “summit”, such as the cessation of arms supplies to the Armed Forces of Ukraine, confirmation of the neutral, non-aligned and nuclear-free status of Ukraine, recognition of modern territorial realities, the destructive role of NATO expansion, the illegality of the sanctions policy, the neo-Nazi nature of the Kiev regime, Kiev’s observance of human rights, national minorities and Russian-speaking citizens. However, the Swiss do not even think about such an agenda.

We once again confirm and emphasize that Russia will not participate in the Swiss “summits” either at the first or at subsequent stages, regardless of whether it receives an invitation or not. We also call on our partners from the countries of the World majority to be vigilant and refrain from participating in such forums in order not to allow themselves to be drawn into the next anti-Russian provocations of Kiev and the West, which are aimed not at peace, but at continuing the confrontation with Russia.



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