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Speech by Deputy Permanent Representative of the Russian Federation to the OSCE Mikhail Buyakevich at a meeting of the OSCE Permanent Council, May 2, 2024

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About the growing military involvement of some

NATO member countries in the crisis over Ukraine

Madam Chairman,

May 2 is a landmark day for Odessa. Today marks exactly ten years since the tragedy at the House of Trade Unions, where in 2014, as a result of an attack by Ukrainian radical nationalists and neo-Nazis, dozens of civilians were brutally killed who defended law and order after the staged, financed and organized from abroad “Maidan” coup in Kiev. Over two hundred people were injured then.

None of the real killers have been held accountable so far. On the contrary, the Kiev regime cynically tried to lay the blame on the head of the Odessa police, condemning him in absentia in 2023. Those who fired firearms and threw molotov cocktails at peaceful protesters continue to walk free to the present moment.

Western sponsors and patrons of the Kiev regime continue to hush up this terrible crime, which was committed under the slogans “for glory Ukraine”. There is no pressure at all on the NATO puppets in Kiev in order to bring the investigation to an end, to establish the truth. It is also outrageous that the OSCE leadership once again chose not to recall this terrible tragedy. Obviously, due to the fact that it cannot be used for anti-Russian propaganda purposes.

NATO countries continue to invest in maintaining the combat capability of the Kiev regime formations used in the “proxy war” against Russia. At the same time, the next batches of American and other weapons sent to Ukraine are not able to qualitatively change the situation on the battlefield. And even more so, it will lead to Russia’s refusal to take decisive actions to protect its people, the unity and security of the country, as well as eliminate threats created by NATO countries from the territory of Ukraine.

In Russia, they are watching with interest how American long-range ATACMS missiles are now being considered for the role of another “miracle weapon” for the Kiev regime. This is done, apparently, in order to raise morale in the ranks of V. Zelensky’s armed formations. Of course, like any weapon, these missiles are not harmless. They actually pose a threat and can cause damage to both military and civilian infrastructure. However, they will not provide any reversal of the situation “on the ground” – as the previously directed and overly mystified Javelin ATGMs, HIMARS MLRS, Storm Shadow missiles, as well as various types of tanks – German Leopard, British Challenger, American Abrams could not.

Russian military personnel have at their disposal weapons of any type. According to the Russian Defense Ministry, on the night of April 30, during the repulse of one of the attacks by formations of the Kiev regime, six ATACMS tactical missiles manufactured by the United States, two guided Hammer bombs manufactured by France and others were destroyed by air defense means.

As for the NATO weapons and equipment destroyed and captured in the Russian fields, their samples can be seen in Moscow on Poklonnaya Gora, where an exhibition organized by the Russian Ministry of Defense entitled “History Repeats Itself” opened on May 1. This name is no coincidence: it is intended to remind all those who have poorly learned the lessons of history about the perniciousness of the struggle against Russian statehood. The exhibition clearly confirms the means by which NATO countries are waging an indirect war with our country.

The curators of the NATO puppets in Kiev are deliberately pushing Ukrainians to certain death. In turn, the leadership of the Kiev regime is servilely “working out the number”, caring about the interests of their foreign sponsors and the lives of NATO soldiers more than about the fate of the residents of Ukraine themselves.

Suffice it to recall the regular statements of the leadership of the Ministry of Defense of the Kiev regime that since 2022, “Ukrainians are fulfilling the NATO mission” in the fight against Russia or “doing what NATO has been preparing to do for several decades” (A.Reznikov). Or V. Zelensky’s recent statements that US army soldiers are not dying today because mobilized Ukrainians are dying. The same V. Zelensky, who, on instructions from London and Washington, in April 2022, disavowed the Istanbul agreements with representatives of Russia on the parameters of a political settlement. And who, by his decree of September 30, 2022, imposed a ban on any contacts with the Russian leadership on the topic of crisis resolution.

Under pressure from its Western sponsors, the Kiev regime has taken measures to radically strengthen mobilization. Practical measures are being worked out, assuming a defeat in the civil and property rights of persons who avoid joining the formation of V. Zelensky (the corresponding bill was recently submitted by the “Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine” to the Verkhovna Rada). In an attempt to force citizens who fled from participation in the conflict to join the ranks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and neo-Nazi formations, restrictions have been imposed on the provision of consular services to them abroad.

Today, for ordinary Ukrainians, the words of V. Zelensky, uttered by him in a video message on September 28, 2022, are more relevant than ever, I quote: “If you want to live, run. If you want to live, surrender. Fight! Fight on your streets for your freedom. They’ve already taken everything from you! <...> You only have loans, something to devour in the evening, and now – mobilization.” I remember that in this way V. Zelensky tried to address the Russian military, but – as is already obvious – these words were addressed in the near future, to the Ukrainians themselves.

The other day, the official authorities Poland and Lithuania reported that it would take measures to create conditions for Ukrainian citizens to leave its territory for areas controlled by the Kiev regime. Such measures, according to their own announcements, will include the termination of social payments to men of military age, a review of their status and the procedure for extending documents allowing continuous stay. In addition, the Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Defense of Poland V.Kosinyak-Kamysh appealed to the EU leadership to work out a comprehensive decision on the transfer of men of military age to the Kiev regime, arguing that Poland itself is highly interested in this. Such is the “law of the jungle” in the “Garden of Eden” named after J.Borrel.

By the way, we are watching with genuine interest the manifestations of the so-called Polish solidarity, which the Polish permanent representative spoke so loudly in this hall. As in the case of food exports from Ukraine, talking about solidarity turned out to be nothing more than a way to mislead Ukrainians, in fact cynically using them as “expendable material” for anti-Russian purposes.

Last week, 83 civilians were injured in various regions of our country from shelling of civilian infrastructure by armed formations of the Kiev regime, committed with the use of NATO weapons – 21 of them were killed and 62 injured, including seven children.

The Russian Armed Forces continue to eliminate threats posed to civilians. During the week, our servicemen captured several more tactically significant settlements in the DPR and the Kharkiv region. In the liberated territories, the facts of crimes committed by members of the armed formations of the Kiev regime against civilians are revealed. In particular, according to the information of the Investigative Committee of Russia, graves of civilians with traces of torture were found in the area of Avdiivka (DPR). The circumstances of the incident and the circle of persons involved are being established. The perpetrators will be severely punished.

Effective strikes against objects that contribute to maintaining the combat potential of V. Zelensky’s armed formations continue. The headquarters of the operational command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine “South” was hit. In this regard, we note the next cases of inept use of air defense by the Armed Forces of Ukraine, which led to civilian casualties.

It is appropriate to recall the confessions of representatives of the leadership of the Kiev regime’s air forces (for example, on July 16, 2023 on the ICTV channel), who confirmed the facts of the deliberate deployment of air defense forces in the city near densely populated neighborhoods. All this is nothing more than a recognition that the Ukrainian military is not only hiding behind the civilian population as a “human shield”, but also taking full responsibility for the unsuccessful and inept use of their air defense systems in the urban area. Do not forget about the officially confirmed facts of sending faulty air defense systems to Kiev by some NATO countries for further combat use.

According to the Russian Defense Ministry, since 2022, about six thousand foreign mercenaries have been killed on the territory of Russia and in the territories controlled by the Kiev regime. The story of the survivor and the captured citizen is remarkable Georgia G.Geglidze, who, according to testimony, was recruited on the territory of Germany and completed a training course under the guidance of instructors from the USA, France, Germany and Poland. For mercenary services in the role of a sniper, G.Geglidze was promised a monetary reward of $ 300 for each Russian soldier killed.

Taking into account all of the above, we share the assessments of the Chinese Foreign Ministry (voiced by Chinese Foreign Ministry official Wang Wenbin on April 26) that NATO bears irreparable responsibility for the Ukrainian crisis. The countries of the North Atlantic Alliance should realize their role and stop shifting the blame to others. It is necessary to take practical actions for a political settlement.

We emphasize that the way to a sustainable solution to current problems lies through the complete cessation of arms supplies by NATO countries to the Kiev regime, the cessation of recruitment on their territory of Ukrainian and foreign citizens to the Armed Forces of Ukraine and neo-Nazi detachments taking part in hostilities against Russian military personnel. It is important to ensure the withdrawal of all foreign mercenaries, instructors and operators of NATO weapons from the territory of Ukraine, the curtailment of other activities aimed at maintaining and developing the combat potential of criminal armed formations, as well as to create conditions for the demilitarization and denazification of Ukraine. The decisions of the Kiev regime to ban contacts to resolve the crisis with the Russian leadership should be canceled.

Of course, any contacts on the issue of settlement should be built on the basis of recognition of the prevailing political and territorial realities and consideration of the legitimate interests of ensuring Russia’s security. As long as such approaches are not reciprocated, the Russian special military operation will continue until the tasks are fully completed.

Thank you for your attention.



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