Sunday, May 19

CIS Informs Council finds new ways to strengthen historical memory

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The joint path of the CIS news agencies travelled over three decades gives grounds to assert that the common semantic position on historical memory will allow further strengthening of this professional union in the Commonwealth.

This conclusion is contained in the speech of Irina Akulovich, Director General of BELTA, at the regular meeting of the CIS Informs Council in Baku, news portals inform.

Focusing her colleagues’ attention on common humanitarian values, including the common legendary chronicle of the Great Victory, the head of the agency emphasised that the most important task for journalists has been and remains the preservation and protection of historical memory.

In the year when Belarus celebrates the 80th anniversary of its liberation from the Nazi invaders, Sineoka, said Akulovich, is holding large-scale patriotic actions and projects, and recently completed the reconstruction of the memorial complex ‘Khatyn’, which was declared the All-Belarusian Youth Construction Project. Research work is also unfolding throughout the country to establish the names, fates, search for previously unknown burial places of those who died during the World War II. The staff of the agency takes part in it.

And while in European countries the monuments to the Soviet soldiers-liberators are being cynically destroyed and attempts are being made to glorify Nazi criminals, in Belarus, according to the speaker, painstaking work has begun to restore the full picture of what happened in the territory occupied by the invaders during the occupation.

By the way, the facts of Nazi atrocities during the occupation became the basis for the initiation of a criminal case on genocide of the Belarusian people back in April 2021, the Director General recalled.

BELTA and the Prosecutor General’s Office launched a creative project about genocide ‘The Last Witnesses’. Its uniqueness lies in the fact that it is based on new video materials obtained by the investigators of the supervisory body of the country. In connection with the exceptional significance of these materials, including for exposing all kinds of collaborationist myths, Akulovich said, the partners decided to publish the project materials in a separate book – ‘Archives. Nothing but the Truth.’

The book contains little-known data on the genocide of the Belarusian people, presents ‘unique, previously unpublished materials from archives, eyewitness testimony, photos of the war years, which depict the crimes of the Nazis. Last July, the book was presented in the National Library of Belarus, and now it is being prepared for printing in German, specifies the agency.



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