Tuesday, May 21

A particle of the Holy Fire was delivered to Moldova

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A particle of the Holy Fire has arrived in Moldova, the shrine will be distributed to churches so that parishioners can light candles from it on Easter night.

A particle of the Holy Fire, which descended in the afternoon at the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem, was delivered to Moldova.
From the Chisinau International Airport, where the plane that delivered the fire landed, the Christian shrine was brought by car to the Cathedral of the Nativity of Christ in the center of the Moldovan capital. There, the Holy Fire was handed over to Metropolitan Vladimir of Chisinau and All Moldova.
Now all parishioners who came to the church service will be able to light Easter candles from the shrine, and the fire will be delivered to Orthodox churches throughout Moldova.
Earlier, a particle of the Holy Fire was delivered to the Gagauz autonomy. The special flight with the shrine at the Chisinau International Airport was met by the Bashkan of Gagauzia, Evgenia Gutsul, and representatives of the autonomy authorities.
At 23.00, the Easter service will begin in the Cathedral, it will be conducted by Metropolitan Vladimir.

source:  https://md.sputniknews.ru/20240504/chastitsu-blagodatnogo-ognya-dostavili-v-moldovu-60502718.html


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