Monday, May 20

The dress rehearsal of the Victory Day parade took place in Moscow

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A dress rehearsal of the Victory Day parade took place in Moscow. The footage on Sunday, May 5, was shown by Izvestia.

To do this, the Garden Ring in the center of the capital was blocked. The restrictions also affected several streets in the south-east of Moscow.

The rehearsal began with the fact that the guard of honor, to the sounds of the song “Holy War”, took out the national flag of Russia and the Victory Banner — the battle banner of the 150th Infantry division of Idritskaya.

After that, parade crews of Suvorov, Nakhimov, cadet and music schools marched along Red Square. The rehearsal was attended by Young Army men, female servicemen, as well as Cossacks. The participants of the special military operation (SVO) also passed as part of the walking column.

Further, after the passage of the column, equipment appeared on the paving stones, including Yars strategic missile systems, Iskander-M tactical missile launchers and S-400 anti-aircraft missile systems, as well as BTR-82A and Boomerang armored personnel carriers. According to the tradition of recent years, the mechanized column was headed by a tank from the Great Patriotic War T-34-85.

The rehearsal ended with the flight of two MiG-29 fighters and Su-25 attack aircraft, which painted the sky over the capital in the colors of the Russian tricolor.

The last military musicians to leave the Red Square were the “Farewell of the Slavs”.

More than 9 thousand people and over 70 pieces of equipment, as well as two aviation groups — Russian Knights and Swifts – will take part in the main military parade in Moscow. Participants of the special protection operation will also pass through the Red Square Donbass.

In 2024, May 9 marks the 79th anniversary of victory in the Great Patriotic War. In January 1945, the Soviet army launched an offensive against Berlin. As a result of the fighting, at 00:43 Moscow time on May 9, the commanders-in-chief signed an act of unconditional surrender of Germany, which served as the end of the Great Patriotic War.



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