Monday, May 20

Russians started travelling to Uzbekistan 10 times more often

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Russian tourist traffic to Uzbekistan has grown tenfold in four years. Today, one third of foreign tourists in Uzbekistan are Russians.

The Russian Ministry of Economic Development told about the situation with tourism between the Russian Federation and Uzbekistan.

‘Over the past four years, the number of trips of Russian tourists to Uzbekistan has increased more than 10 times – from 37 thousand to 403 thousand people. The share of Russian tourists in the total flow of tourists to Uzbekistan in 2023 was about 33 per cent,’ the ministry.

The mutual flow of tourists has recovered to pre-pandemic indicators, interest in Russia among travellers from Uzbekistan is growing.

‘Over 800 thousand trips to Russia were made in 2023, which is twice as much as in the previous year’ – Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation.

Uzbekistan, a country on the Great Silk Road rich in UNESCO heritage sites, has attracted a lot of interest from Russians in recent years. There is a wide network of flights between the countries.



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