Thursday, May 30


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Under this name, a make-up master class was held at the Social protection Department of the Central District of Voronezh as part of the implementation of two projects at once “Super Girl” and the club “Heart-to-Heart Conversation”. The event was attended by university and college students, wives and mothers of the participants.

As teachers, the organizers invited Alexandra Kalyankovskaya, a make-up stylist, European champion, coach of the Central Chernozem region make-up team, and Elvira Baranova, a stylist, an international-class make–up artist. 

First, the makeup artists conducted a makeup bag analysis for each participant. They told us how to use the available cosmetics correctly and what can be replaced, which products should be disposed of, and which ones should be added. The masters also gave advice to each participant on the selection of cosmetics and care products with budget savings.

Then the teachers introduced the girls to the tricks of make-up, creating an amazing make-up that they can easily repeat on their own.

The participants received valuable knowledge and unforgettable emotions, because it is important for every girl to look beautiful and elegant. Such classes encourage participants to treat themselves with warmth and care and give their love, beauty and good mood to the world around them.

The Super Girl project has been running in the Social Protection Department since February 2024 and is designed to help young girls prepare for family life.

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