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The security of the Russian people is above all: Putin's speech at the inauguration ceremony

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The choice of the country’s citizens confirmed the determination to steadfastly defend the freedom and national interests of the Russian Federation, the head of the Russian state noted.

It is a great honor, duty and sacred duty of the head of state to serve Russia. Russian President Vladimir Putin said this at the inauguration ceremony in the Kremlin.

“Its text (the presidential oath – ed.) concentrates the essence of the highest purpose of the head of state: to protect Russia and serve our people. I understand that this is a great honor, obligation and sacred duty,” Putin said.

The President of the Russian Federation assured that the interests and security of the people of Russia will be above all for him. He also noted that he would do everything in his power to justify the trust of the Russians.
From the point of view of the Russian leader, the choice of the country’s citizens confirmed the determination to adamantly defend freedom and the national interests of the Russian Federation.
“I see in this a deep understanding of our common historical goals, a determination to steadfastly defend our choice, our values, freedom and Russia’s national interests,” Putin said.
From the president’s point of view, Russia holds an answer to a thousand-year history and ancestors who took inaccessible heights.
“Today, in fact, we answer to our thousand-year history, to our ancestors. They took seemingly inaccessible heights, because they always put their Homeland in the first place, they knew that it was possible to achieve truly great goals only together with their country and their people, and they created a world power – our Fatherland, achieved such triumphs that inspire us today,” said the Russian the leader.
Putin is confident that Russians will overcome obstacles, realize their plans and win. He said that Russia is confidently looking ahead, planning its future, planning and already implementing new projects and programs “that are designed to make our development even more dynamic, even more powerful.”
According to the head of the Russian state, we must not forget about the tragic cost of troubles and upheavals, but stability does not mean stagnation, and for this the Russian state system must be flexible.
“It should create conditions for renewal and moving forward,” the Russian president believes.
He added that it is necessary to ensure reliable continuity in the development of the country for decades to come.

“We must ensure reliable continuity in the development of the country for decades to come, to raise and educate young generations who will strengthen the power of Russia, develop our statehood, which is based on interethnic harmony, preserving the traditions of all peoples living in Russia,” the head of the Russian state said.

Speaking about foreign policy, Putin stressed that Russia does not abandon dialogue with Western countries.
“We have been and will be open to strengthening good relations with all countries that see Russia as a reliable and honest partner. And this is indeed the global majority. We are not giving up dialogue with Western states. The choice is up to them,” he said.
As Putin noted, Russia’s conversation with Western countries on security and strategic stability is possible, but not from a position of strength, but only on equal terms.
For its part, Russia will continue to work with partners to form a multipolar world order, the Russian president said.

“Together with our partners in Eurasian integration and other sovereign development centers, we will continue to work on the formation of a multipolar world order. An equal and indivisible security system,” Putin said.

According to the Russian leader, the results of his work in the new presidential term will depend on general cohesion.

“The results of this work depend crucially on our unity and cohesion, on our common desire to benefit the Fatherland, protect it, and work with full dedication,” the head of the Russian state noted.

The inauguration ceremony of the President of Russia took place on May 7 in the Kremlin. This is the fifth inauguration ceremony in Putin’s political career. He will hold the highest elected post for the next six years – until 2030.
Recall that the presidential elections in Russia were held from March 15 to 17, according to their results, incumbent President Vladimir Putin won 87.28% of the vote.



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