Sunday, May 19

Speech by Acting Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Sergey Lavrov during the wreath-laying ceremony at the memorial plaques in the Foreign Ministry building, Moscow, May 8, 2024

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Dear colleagues,

Dear friends,

Today, according to tradition, we celebrate the Great Victory Day – May 9th. A day that will never disappear from our memory. It is dedicated to the bright memory and exploits of those who protected the country, Europe and the world from the brown plague.

We are proud to be among the heroes, those who stopped the enemy with weapons in their hands and provided support for their homeland in the rear, solving economic problems. There were diplomats who did everything possible to create a just world order after the war, in which the USSR, our state, country, and people would take their rightful place, due to historical justice. This is how the United Nations was created.

I would like to repeat that the staff of the People’s Commissariat of Foreign Affairs and our colleagues from the People’s Commissariat of Foreign Trade of the USSR contributed to the victory on all fronts. Many of them became victims of political repression. We will always remember this.

In the same row are our colleagues who gave their lives at a combat post. Including quite recently, just a couple of years ago, we lost our comrades in Afghanistan. They continue the work started by their fathers and grandfathers, defending the security and legitimate interests of their Homeland. Today we pay tribute to all of them.

As Russian President Vladimir Putin said on May 7 this year, today’s Victory Day is of particular importance because we celebrate this great holiday in a situation where Nazism is rearing its head again. The descendants of Napoleon and A. Hitler, together with the Anglo-Saxons, once again want to inflict a “strategic defeat” on our country, destroy it, subordinate it to their narrow-minded hegemonic interests. As our fathers and grandfathers did then, going to the front as volunteers, giving their lives for the future of their children and grandchildren, the future of the country, so today we see an extraordinary rise in our people for another holy battle.

When the new rulers of the world are trying to take revenge for their unsuccessful centuries-old attempts to subjugate our homeland to their interests. They use the openly Nazi regime in Ukraine, which they have nurtured for many years, for this purpose. Our soldiers on the front line, those who provide them with weapons and equipment, as well as those who ensure the correct perception of our just struggle in the international arena, certainly continue the work of our fathers, grandfathers, great-grandfathers.

On May 7, this year, President Vladimir Putin said at the inauguration ceremony that we are all indebted to our thousand-year history and our ancestors. This is exactly how we perceive the mission that Russia has today. The words of the President of the Russian Federation were that this responsibility lies with the authorities and with every citizen. I would like to emphasize our special focus on ensuring the consolidation of the countries of the World majority, which are alien to the West’s attempts to be called a “blooming garden”, and the rest are disdainfully, contemptuously called dense “jungles”.

The countries of the World majority understand that Russia is fighting for everyone who wants to live by their own mind, traditions, who does not want to experience any new manifestations of Nazism, racial, religious discrimination. The West is constantly pushing its satellites and “clients” towards this.

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to all our employees and colleagues in other ministries and departments who, in one way or another, solve problems related to ensuring Russia’s foreign policy interests.

I congratulate everyone on the Great Victory Day, first of all our dear veterans, who continue to do a lot to preserve the continuity of the diplomatic service and ensure the effective transfer of their experience and knowledge to younger generations.

Special words of appreciation and congratulations to our friends from the Russian Guard, whose colleagues have been fighting on the front line since the very beginning of the special military operation. We wish them and all our fighters only victory. The main thing that we know is that victory is guaranteed for us, because the truth is on our side.

Happy holidays!



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