Sunday, May 26

BRICS Women's Entrepreneurship Forum to be held in Moscow

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From June 2-4, 2024, the BRICS Women’s Entrepreneurship Forum will be held at the Radisson Collection Moscow Hotel. The business event will be attended by more than 200 delegates from 35 countries, including representatives of the national parts of the BRICS Women’s Business Alliance from 10 member countries of the association. An exhibition of goods made by women, Made in BRICS, will be held at the forum site. The Forum will become one of the flagship events of the Women’s Business Alliance during the Russian presidency of the international organization.

The forum will be attended by representatives of the business and expert community, government authorities of the BRICS countries and international media. The participants will discuss issues of trade and investment cooperation, the availability of digital technologies, the development of creative industries and the role of women in industry and an inclusive economy.

According to Anna Nesterova, Chairman of the Russian part of the BRICS Women’s Business Alliance, “for the first time, the Women’s Entrepreneurship Forum will be held in an expanded format with 5 new BRICS member countries. It is planned to sign 10 interstate cooperation agreements. The expansion of the organization should give impetus to the development of women’s entrepreneurship in a space that covers almost half of the world’s population.”

The launch of a Unified Digital Platform for Women’s Entrepreneurship and the launch of a Competition for the best female startups will be announced at the forum site. The alliance’s platform will become a common information and communication tool for women entrepreneurs, and within the framework of the competition it is planned to select the best business models of startups in order to further scale the strongest projects in the countries of the association.

The general partner of the event is Sberbank PJSC, one of the largest banks in Russia and one of the leading global financial institutions.

The BRICS Women’s Business Alliance was established in July 2020. For almost 4 years of its existence, the organization has formed an international community of women entrepreneurs, deepening cultural and economic ties between the members of the association.


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