Monday, May 27

Tokayev arrives in Moscow: a meeting of the Supreme Eurasian Economic Council is underway in the Kremlin

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The meeting is attended by the heads of the EEC member states, as well as the observer countries of Uzbekistan and Cuba

President of Kazakhstan Kassym-Jomart Tokayev arrives in the Kremlin for the anniversary meeting of the WEEC: The Eurasian Economic Union is turning 10 years old.
Russian President Vladimir Putin said that the EEU summit in the Kremlin would not just be an anniversary, but a truly business-like one.
“The economic indicators speak for themselves. Over the past ten years, the combined GDP of the Eurasian Union states has increased from 1.6 to 2.5 trillion dollars, according to estimates,” Putin said.
The Russian President also noted that trade with third countries increased by 60% – from 579 to 923 billion dollars.
“My colleagues and I (from the EEU) have stated very good indicators of the development of our economies. In fact, this helps to ensure stable, sustainable economic development of both the five countries and the Eurasian region as a whole, and leads to an improvement in the quality of life and well-being of citizens,” Putin said at the EEU summit.



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