Tuesday, May 21

Russian President Vladimir Putin meets with Armenian Prime Minister Nikolay Pashinyan in the Kremlin

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Mr Putin: Dear Mr Nikol Vovayevich, I am very pleased to welcome you once again to Moscow.

We are having a jubilee summit, the 10th anniversary of Eurasian Economic Community. During this period of time, as we have just said before entering this hall, for all our countries, including Russia and Armenia, the cooperation within the framework of this international organisation is very positive. For Armenia the increase of the trade turnover with the Eurasian Economic Community countries since 2015 was very significant – the trade turnover of Armenia with the Eurasian Economic Community countries increased 14 times.

As for bilateral relations, they are also developing very successfully. We always focus first of all on economic cooperation. Last year the growth of trade turnover was very significant, and to a great extent it is connected with the increase of imports, if you mean Armenian exports to our side. And the trade turnover reached more than 7 billion dollars. We have never had such a volume in our trade and economic relations before.

Of course, there are issues related not only to the growth of trade turnover. There are issues related to security in the region. We will not talk about this in detail in the open, but there is an opportunity to talk about the whole range of our relations, including regional security issues, on the margins of the Eurasian Economic Forum.

I am very pleased to see you. Welcome.

Nikolay Pashinian: Thank you very much.

Dear Vladimir Vladimirovich, first of all, let me thank you for the warm welcome and the excellent organisation of the meeting of the Supreme Eurasian Economic Council.

The last time we met was last December. Since then, of course, we have accumulated issues that need to be discussed. Of course, we have already discussed the economic block during the Council meeting. And now I hope and I am sure that we will discuss important issues of bilateral relations, regional issues.

And I am also glad to see you. Thank you.



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