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Today, on May 8, spouses Nikolai Fedorovich and Vera Fedorovna Smelkov from the city of Pestovo celebrate the golden anniversary of married life. 

The solemn celebration of the anniversaries took place in the Pestovsky department of the registry office. The head of the Pestovsky municipal district, Elena Povarova, and the chairman of the local Council of Veterans, Vladimir Belyaev, as well as relatives and friends of the anniversaries came to congratulate the spouses. 

The young people got married in 1974. After graduating from the Leningrad Railway College, young Vera was sent to work in the Kirov region, where Nikolai moved with his beloved wife. Their first daughter Olga was born there in 1975. In the same year, the young family returned to their hometown of Pestovo, Novgorod region. In 1977, the second daughter Natalia was born in the family. 

After returning to their small homeland, both spouses began working at the Pestovsky Experimental Mechanical plant, where they worked for many years until the closure of the enterprise in the 1990s. Nikolai Fedorovich was a milling machine operator, and Vera Fedorovna was a master of a mechanical assembly shop. The spouses are veterans of labor. Now they are retired, but their active life position can only be envied. Nikolai and Vera Smelkov are participants in various city and district events. Vera Fedorovna is the chairman of the territorial public self–government, in her spare time she sings in the choir of the Veterans Council. Her beloved husband supports her in everything. 

The eldest daughter Olga, having grown up, moved to Veliky Novgorod, where she works as an English teacher in one of the city’s gymnasiums. The family of Natalia’s youngest daughter is next to her parents. Natalia runs a physical education and sports complex. Nikolai Fedorovich and Vera Fedorovna have a wonderful grandson and granddaughter: the eldest grandson is already working, and the granddaughter Polina is studying in St. Petersburg. 

Over the long 50 years, the couple has experienced a lot: joys, difficulties and trials. But they were always together, supporting each other in sorrow and joy. We managed to keep a strong and friendly family, carrying loyalty and strong love for each other through our lives.

A source:  https://xn--2024-u4d6b7a9f1a.xn--p1ai/Press-centr/region-news/9950


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