Thursday, June 20


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94 schoolchildren from Alchevsk of the Luhansk People’s Republic participate in the first profile shift of the Commonwealth of Talents. A rich educational, cultural and excursion program has been prepared for them on the basis of the Impulse Center, which operates under the national Education project. The shift will last until June 15th.

“The best teachers and mentors of the Vologda Region work with the children, among them theater and film actors, presenters, coaches, psychologists, etiquette and communication experts,” said Ekaterina Tselikova, head of the regional Department of Education. – During these few days, the participants managed to immerse themselves in the world of creativity and self-development. Children not only reveal their talents, but also develop personal competencies: they learn about the importance of defining life goals, finding inner motivation and learn the art of public speaking.”

Today, the children got acquainted with the life of the Vologda village in the architectural and ethnographic museum of the Vologda region “Semenkovo”. The plans include visits to colleges and universities in the region, sights and interesting places of the Vologda region. A visit to the AtAg confectionery production in Sheksna is also planned.

Classes in painting, music, chess, ecology are also waiting for children; master classes in acting, creative workshops, sports events, interactive games, festivals, concerts.

“It’s only been a few days, but I’ve already managed to meet new people, skills and ideas. Now I know how important it is to work on myself and develop. I really liked the etiquette lesson. Thank you for everything that I have received and continue to receive in these classes!”, – said the participant, who was on the profile shift for the first time.

Every day, the participants prepare for the final concert “Formula of Talent”, where they will present their choreographic, vocal and theatrical performances and performances.

“I like this shift no less than the previous one! Last year I discovered a lot of new things for myself: I learned to confidently perform in front of people, realized that I have a talent that I can develop – dancing. Now I am looking forward to new classes with our choreographer-mentor. Thanks to the organizers for this opportunity!”, — shared her impressions of the participant, who is coming to the shift not for the first time.

In total, 750 children will come to the Vologda Region this summer as part of the patronage program.

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