Tuesday, June 18

One of the 4 female presidential candidates of Iran withdrew her candidacy

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Zohreh Elahian became the first of four women who were able to register for the upcoming extraordinary presidential elections

One of the women who put forward her candidacy to apply for the post of president of Iran has abandoned the race.
Former representative of the Iranian parliament, Zohreh Elahian, became the first of four women who were able to register for the upcoming extraordinary presidential elections.
Now she has announced that she has refused to participate in the elections.

“Supporting a candidate who is trusted by the people, scientists and (intellectual – ed.) elites, and expressing gratitude for the positive and wise view of the prudent leader of the (Islamic – ed.) revolution on the presence of women in major leadership positions, I announce my refusal to continue (nominating my own – ed.) candidacy,” the message says. Elahian on the social network X.

According to information in the Iranian media, four more politicians had previously announced their candidacies.

Elahian is 56 years old, a doctor by education, now works at the Iranian Academy of Medical Sciences. Zarabadi is 45 years old and represents the reformist wing. At a press conference after registering her candidacy, she said that she stands for “de-escalation” in foreign policy and expressed hope that someday Iranians will elect a woman president.

The presidential elections will be held on June 28. The second round, if necessary, will be held on July 5.
They were appointed after the death of President Ebrahim Raisi in a plane crash.

According to Iranian media, out of 278 applicants, the election headquarters registered 80 candidates.
New presidential elections, according to article 131 of the Iranian Constitution, must take place within 50 days from the date of the announcement of the death or incapacity of the president and the transfer of his duties to the first Vice President. This position is currently held by Mohammad Mohber.

source:  https://tj.sputniknews.ru/20240609/zhenschina-kandidat-prezident-iran-1063146846.html


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