Friday, June 14

Science Film Days across the country from June to October. The Festival of contemporary scientific Cinema invites you to participate

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On June 1, the FUNK Contemporary Science Film Festival opened accepting applications for participation in the FUNK Science Film Days. To participate in the event, you must register on the project’s website.

From June to October 2024, hundreds of venues across Russia will organize open screenings of documentaries about science and technology. This event, called the FUNK Science Film Days (DNA), is an educational project working on the principle of a social franchise.

DNA provides a unique opportunity for educational and cultural institutions, including universities, schools, libraries and art spaces, to showcase current popular science films. The project team annually forms a program of new films, translates foreign films into Russian and receives rental certificates. Then all the content is provided free of charge to the organizers on the ground, who hold screenings, gather an audience and invite experts to discuss the films.

“Over the ten years of DNA’s existence, hundreds of thousands of viewers across Russia have learned about the current state of science and technology. The project covers both large federal universities in megacities and cultural centers in small villages”

— the organizers.The festival invites any cultural and educational venues to participate. Information about the selection of films and the submission of applications is available on the project’s website, where detailed manuals can be found in the “DNA Instructions” tab.

All screenings and discussions will be free for the audience.


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